13 Year Old Marcus Kleveland Nails Triple Cork

13 Year Old Marcus Kleveland Nails Triple Cork

Well, you know how we think about all this spin-to-win hype a.k.a. Triple Cork disease, no disrespecting the technical skills someone has to pull off to throw down this trick. Now it is Norwegian grom Marcus Kleveland to land a BS Triple Cork 1440° in Vierli the Triple and hands down kid: You’re going to kill it out there, no doubt (!) ..in case your knees still work in 5 years of course. Marcus still -no matter what- looks to be pretty pumped on getting a chance in the snowboarding game and seems to be pushed by his damn self and not some bling-looking parents or something. His cards don’t look to be bad at all so far to make it in snowboarding, is he already repping for Volcom, Nitro (Euro Team), Electric, Sweet and Aerial7. Keep it pushing Marcus!

..if you want to see more of Marcus moves, click here.



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