adidas Snowboarding | Jake Blauvelt Intro

adidas Snowboarding | Jake Blauvelt Intro

We already were aware of the fact that the brand with the three stripes was looking forward to enter the snowboarding game after the Swoosh, Globe and a few more were already on it to get their piece of the cake. The last time we saw a real (and only one until then..)

adidas uber limited snowboard boots from 2007

limited on 50 pairs ..say what? hopefully next year’s out coming boots will look as rad as these here.

snowboard boot coming from adidas was back in 2007 when they released that super 50-pairs limited throwback edition that let any sneakers fan go mad on it, what we assume was more sort of making just some noise to get a response somehow. Both adidas and Jake Blauvelt made it official this year, after we’ve had tons of shots with the three-leave icon stickers on Jake’s board. Jake signed up with the German brand for three years now, is getting his own boot-line of which you can get now already the off-snow street gear version, before we can expect next year to see more three striped snow products, as adidas wants to focus more in the up coming year on snowboarding, meanwhile Jake is testing boots until death right now, to help developing a real snow boot.

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