Bob Klein on the Industry Meltdown in Snowboarding

Bob Klein on the Industry Meltdown in Snowboarding

Some of you people might have noticed that there is in this last season more rumours dropping about brands to quit the market than ever before. Well, on one side nobody likes to confess really that his business is a smashup and will have to shut it down or anything, but then on the other side there must be some truth in it, when brands start to cut programs for example. An obviously bad season has got to have some impact on the industry and even more when market shares are split among 200 different brands that we got nowadays and still more popping out. But how did it come that far really? One single bad season can’t be the cause for that obviously and, hell no it is not. Some of you older riders might have noticed already a „slight“ change in the game as some say. The image and awareness of the sport, among our owns and to the outside is a complete different one than years ago and that, definitely is one of the reasons snowboarding has changed and it’s industry did as well of course. 10 years back nobody would have ever thought of a snowboard pro needing an agent really, hu? Is there now going to be dozens of Ari Gold’s walking around, fighting the shit out of anything to hold their Rices, Walkers and Helgasons? Are we going to need to hug things out bitch in snowboarding now?

Ed from BuoLoco caught up again with his friend and snowboarding living legend Bob Klein to talk a bit about the current meltdown in snowboarding’s industry and you really should listen to what that man has got to say. We’re totally backing Bob’s point of view, but watch it yourself, think about it and look back to older times in snowboarding how the perception and awareness of our sport has been and tell us what you think about all this.


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