Danny knows Snowboarding

„Danny Knows Snowboarding“ ..not the latest and mind blowin‘ Nike ad or something, but announcing edit of a new sponsor deal. Danny Kass is one of the firsts to be now on Nike boots and outerwear, what is dope but wasn’t he on Grenade? Noooo, bullshit! He founded that one among others (!!) ..right. Kass is written dollar green from now on, ‚cause if it isn’t to upp his paycheck, then we don’t know. Now make yourself an idea what to think about this, but it seems to be like that the era of loyal riders, who stick and hold on to their sponsors is getting closer and closer to an end, with each time more and bigger players step into the snowboarding game like the Swoosh did and buying every hugely exposured and good rider they can get ..what’s up Shaun?

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