Déjà Vu Teaser – Prologue Part Three: Subconscious

Déjà Vu Teaser – Prologue Part Three: Subconscious

The new season has barely started and the homies of the Québec local project Déjà Vu, took advantage of your snowboard hunger to drop this brand new prologue edit of their two-years production. For all headz that don’t know what Déja Vu is about, this might be even the best edit of theirs to get really into it and getting some facts explained for the noobies, who this project came to life, what lays behind it and what is behind that bunch of locals that out of a sudden start this project together. If you think this is rad, hold on for the full film to drop in next year’s fall in 2013.

„This is how it feels to us, like it was meant to happen to the point it already has. This is a movie project in the making featuring the authenticity of a crew of friends who grew up sharing a dream. Welcome to our vision of snowboarding.“

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