Helgason Bro Squad on Switchback Bindings

Helgason Bro Squad on Switchback Bindings

Eiki and Halldør Helgason are the latest news of  the Switchback Bindings house. The two brothers are stoked super to be on the team of course, weither it might have been just a matter of time or not for this to happen, since the two brothers also integrated Bataleon’s patented Triple Base Technology in their Lobster Boards. Did we lost you right now?

Well, the thing is that Bataleon Snowboards is about to launch a brand new project called Switchback Bindings. According theSwitchback Bindings intern statements and rumors all around, these bindings will be a game changer and be presented for the first time in public at the SIA and ISPO show this winter. With a series of talented technologies they want to wrap up the bindings market and change the way we looked at snowboarding so far.

“Switchback Bindings is just all about the rider and bring on a 100% customized experience“  director Dennis Dusseldorp said.

For open sale, we can expect game changers around next year’s fall probably.

The Helgasons were able to design their pro-models on their own and everybody behind Switchback Bindings is more than happy to have the two brothers on board, due to their incredible input in products and passion for snowboarding.

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