This is Holland

We’ve posted the first edit of these jib kids half a month ago, not being quite sure what it would be, or what would come out next. Here’s another rad indoor shred, but this one here is a complete different league. You might know some of these dudes from Next Productions „Two Sides of Life“ movie, like Jesse Blackwell or Øivind Fykse. Cees Wille is obvisouly a name and also Joshua Pires, or lil‘ Dutch jibmaster Max de Vries have been rippin‘ some stuff on the web already a few times are not unknown. Still though there are names left, which of we don’t  have any idea who they are. We hope to see more of this constellation in future and you will agree after watching, when telling you, that these kids are totally on fire, when riding hard metal in this Dutch indoor slope. Enjoy Jesse Blackwell, Sindre Cottis, Øivind Fykse, Anthony Inthout, Cees Wille, Joshua Pires, Rachida Aouladelhajamar, Max de Vries.


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