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in the beginning | Edouard - Mike

Well, the story was the following. ShredOn Mag, was still an idea in the head since years and not much more. During a quite interesting and fun time in Dublin, doing an ERASMUS, I started getting a bit productive, instead of going just only through pure whiskey-pint desasters and hooked up with my French friend Edouard, who did his ERASMUS in Dublin as well. [pullquote]“I think it would be cool, doing a snow/skate/surf thing together. What do you think?“[/pullquote]

This is how it started and things got a little bit more serious by the time.
After months and months of concepts, website working and tons of ideas, the actual website started to be more real. In February 2011, we finally succeeded in launching ShredOn Magazine. Unfortunately, due to several circumstances, we have seen that things started getting more professional and serious as well, which obviously required more commitment and effort, but wasn’t that easy to fulfill.

In the end we decided to split apart and ShredOn Mag is back to its actual thought: Being a pure snowboard online magazine. Edouard, got back on his private blog, writing about surfing again in first place, but also giving new chances for skate and some snowboarding content too and switched language from French to English as well. Or sometimes at least =) ShredOn Mag is meanwhile „smoking“ sort of and really starts developing more and more each time, so keep in touch and be excited, cause there is going to be some really nice stuff in the next couple of weeks!



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