John Jackson on Burton team!

John Jackson on Burton team!

Big news! Former Forum and Special Blend rider John Jackson, who is having the time of his life right now it looks like. After a couple of really sick video parts in these last few seasons (also The Art of Flight among others..) and his recent signature goggle at VonZipper, our fav rasta shred-head switched homebases. John got on the Burton team and is sponsored head-to-toe yb the big B. You could already read plenty of complaints, that the outstanding backcountry killer switched from Forum/Special Blend to Burton for the cash, but what the fuck? John is probably one of the illest and realest shredders out there and strived hard to get where he is right now. So please stop the hating each time, when someone switches to Burton. The B might be for certain reasons not that popular among the industry, but you forget that Burton also paved the way for snowboarding since day 1 and for a pro, riding for Burton is like playing for the Lakers next to Kobe in the NBA, or for Real Madrid in football. It is a career step and John payed his dues, so why shouldn’t he when getting the offer? Would you reject? Come on!

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