Living Legends: Kevin Sansalone

Living Legends: Kevin Sansalone

We missed to follow up that rad Living Legends edits, due to having been on the road much lately, but now make it up and bring you the next one of Canadian out stand Kevin Sansalone, who pretty much did everything a Canadian snowboarder can dream of. ENJOY.

[words by Pete Anderson]

„Kevin Sansalone is the ultimate blue-collar snowboarder. The man never stops. He’s up first, home last and is multitasking on at least four major projects at the same time but always gets it done. A founding member of the Seymour Kids crew, Kevin has shaped North Vancouver snowboarding as we know it, dabbled in pro mountain biking and started a snowboard video empire in the process. Hell, he even recently started a snowboard company, Whitegold, utilizing all the product development skills he honed as a part of the Option Snowboards pro team.

Kevin was born a stone’s throw away from Mount Seymour, in North Vancouver, BC, and was sliding sideways on it by age 14 when snowboarding was first introduced to the masses. Snowboarding occupied all of his thoughts and energy for years to come as he moved up the ranks from shop rat for Deep Cove Snowboards to pro snowboarder for Santa Cruz and eventually Option. While with Option, Kevin had no less than nine pro models and was intensely involved with design and production methods on all of them, learning a ton about snowboard manufacturing in the process. When he wasn’t in the factory figuring out the perfect epoxy mixture, Kevin was on the hill progressing his riding, not to mention snowboarding as a whole. As a virtual unknown he won the Westbeach Classic in 1998, solidifying himself as a legitimate pro. One of the first to master the backside rodeo, he threw it down switch to earn himself X Games gold in big air in 1999, beating out Peter Line and Kevin Jones in the process. He kept his winning streak alive by taking the Westbeach Classic big air again in 2000.“


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