Living Legends: Shin Campos

Living Legends: Shin Campos

With a new week there comes a new Living Legends feature and we’re stoked on showing you another big name, of which many people probably think he wouldn’t be out there any more, but he certainly is: Backcountry „matador“ Shin Campos.

„Speak softly and carry a big stick,“ comes to mind when trying to describe Shin Campos. He has always let his riding do the talking…well, more like yelling and screaming, but the message has always remained the same: ‚I live to snowboard each and every chance I get‘. Pro since 1993, his approach to the sport has always been methodical and calculated. He keeps his emotions in check and channels all his energy into making his snowboard do what he wants it to do, and it always seems to listen intently, not unlike any audience that is lucky enough to hear Shin share his stories of everything snowboarding.“


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