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mOjO Snowboarding – LOST IN SNOW opener

Last week we introduced the gnarly German streetwear- and snowboarding label from Hamburg, called mOjO Snowboarding on our industry profile. The guys produce sketchy apparel and on a fair-trade basis and all hand-made style, which gives the customer a one of a kind product, when getting one of these custom painted shirts. On the industry profile you get the whole story and everything; how the brand got where it is right now and next plans; all by first hand by the brain behind, André Gießelmann.


’Lost In Snow’ ist the name of the brand new winter line by mOjO, which is also the biggest the guys ever had. On the new line you get more custom-choices to make on the colors, on almost every product of it. Besides the basic hoodies, shirts and beanies, mOjO also does come up this season with some long T’s and hoods, as well as rad jackets and even pants!

Scarfs are a must in today’s streetwear- and snow-/skate-fashion, so be sure to find them on the webstore too of course.

mOjO Snowboarding is a smaller, but also more personal label, which is already since late 2006 in the game. The guys don’t only count on experience, but also on diversity, due to creative and sketchy ideas, which bring the right style to their products. As you can see the guys don’t have any reason to hide anymore, they got it all together.

mOjO Snowboarding - LOST IN SNOW line

LOST IN SNOW - shirt "perfect" / LongT / hooded Wolf

We were curious about their shirts, after putting down the industry profile and talking with André and got some shirts for our own and honestly speaking: The fact to got something by fair-trade makes you kind of thinking a bit more about this stuff and the prints on the shirts are just way to rad.

We cut off the crap here right now, so go ahead and check them out on your own! You won’t be disappointed.

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