Numeric: 686 and Scion Snowboarding Concept Car

Numeric: 686 and Scion Snowboarding Concept Car

The world’s first snowboarding car; SAY WHAT?! 686 and Scion presented the 2-seater ‚Numeric‘ car, which was built and designed for snowboarders by snowboarders, as a special tribute to 686’s 20th anniversary celebration. The Numeric is based off of Scion’s xB model and when looking at the range of modifications, re-designings and everything you can bet your damn last dollar that Xzibit and his West Coast Customs team can go home now.

Numeric: 686 and Scion Snowboarding Concept Car | gullwing doors

686 wouldn't build a snowboarding 2 seater concept car, if not including some nice gullwing doors

The tires were inspired by the NB686 boots, the top by Bern carbon fiber helmet, including the brim technology. The windshield wouldn’t be the right windshield for a snowboarding car, if not being inspired by a snow goggle, in this case Dragon’s APX frameless. Sparco seats based on Union team bindings, sound system built by Skullcandy to get your swag on and even GoPro gets his part here, by bringin visual racing mirrors and indoor mapping.

Numeric: 686 and Scion Snowboarding Concept Car | brim tec. snow goggle inspired windshield

that snow goggle inspired windshield looks rather like a hornets eye, but still poppin' !

But we’re not there yet ..Vestal Watches brought on the ideas for the time gauges, while Freewater Sandals took care of -the first- heated floor mats. BOA Technology, keeps you warm or contributes its part to the cooling system as well, Recco supplied the whole thing with its radar technology and blind skateboards artist Marc Mckee took care of the interior custom panels. For the big finish and to round this baby off, 686 made it happen to make it the first ever breathable and waterproof snowboarding outerwear ride, thanks to its long time textile background.

Numeric: 686 and Scion Snowboarding Concept Car | boot inspired tires

reflecting the NB686 snow boots, branded as New Balance tires

“The 686 Scion Numeric is a dream come true,” says Michael Akira West, president and creative director at 686. “What better way to celebrate our twentieth anniversary by doing something that’s never been done before? Every part of this build has a story and a separate product that it was inspired from. I’m psyched we were able to show it to the world, our way.”

Numeric: 686 and Scion Snowboarding Concept Car | interior

Recco navigation radar system and custom panels by Marc Mckee make this thing the perfect ride, when going out to shred somewhere..

He couldn’t have say it better and still cannot right believe what the guys made happen here. Watch the edit below to see more of the Numeric and start dreaming on making it to West Coast Customs for your personal special order.

Numeric: 686 and Scion Snowboarding Concept Car | visual racing mirrors

visual racing mirrors by GoPro ..not you would actually need them but for the safety, right?

\\ all pictures by 686, Brandon Shigeta/Hypebeast and Scion

..for more pics of this rad toy, go here!

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