Shaun Palmer – „The Miserable Champion“ is troubled

Living legend Shaun Palmer is more than just a former pro snowboarder. Shaun Palmer is an overall freestyle action sports icon. Wherever he wanted to compete, he did. No matter if it was Snowboarding, Skiing, FMX, Downhill Biking, you can pic basically any action sport you want. Shaun rocked them all and he won titles like nobody else. At the same time he also stood out with his fun and rad attitude off the competition side. Rad athletic performance meets  „i don’t give a fuck about shit“. Snowboarding’s Dennis Rodman if you want so. Thank god last year by that time Chainsaw Productions finally released the teaser of „the Palm’s“ documentary which goes by the name of „Shaun Palmer – The Miserable Champion“.

The problem now is that production got a bit short. To be more precise 10 grand short. To get the movie released to the public, cover some music rights and more stuff, the bare minimum which has got to be covered until April 2 are those 10 grand, of which more than 6’000 U$D already got in. We think that Shaun’s story is definitely worth to get published so that we can all enjoy this flick of action sports history. For supporting this movie and pledging, you won’t get back home with empty hands. You can get even your own end credit as „Associate Producer“ of the film and other nice things. Check’em out here.

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