Snowboarding needs you!

We Are Snowboarding is back again with serious moves. After the last stands, the FIS didn’t really apply any changes and made the qualification process for the Olympic Winter Games in Soshi 2014 even worse. The IOC approved them,  no matter what we have got to continue fighting. WAS is asking you, we are asking you, …snowboarding is asking you: To write this letter you see down here, fill it in with your name, adress and e-mail and send it over to the IOC. Everything else is already put in. You just need to fill it in, put it in an envelop and stamp it. How hard can it be? Please, snowboarding needs you right now!

If you’re not into this topic, check this last post of that topic, in which you’ll find all other sources to get into it.


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give us your shit.

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