Ståle got on Hoppipolla

Ståle Sandbech was in this season all busy to cover as much contests as possible, no matter which these were. Good work ethics should be rewarded and that’s the reason why Ståle got this year’s TTR Overall World Tour Title. That fact otherwise is rewarded now by the gnarly Hoppipolla Headwear brand and took the true Norwegian metal on its team next to their latest addition Alek Oestreng and the rest of the squad Eiki Helgason, Gulli Gudmundson, Halldør Helgason, Lonnie Kauk, Kevin Bäckström, Erik Botner and Toni Kerkelä. Congratz!

Ståle rides for Oakley, Burn, Rome, Thirtytwo and Hoppipolla.

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