There’s Always Next Season – Teaser

There's Always Next Season - Teaser

So here goes another teaser, but as they’re getting more and more popular in these last 2 movie seasons, here comes again another documentary flick by Carl Christian Lein StørmerThere’s Always Next Season, chronicles the rise of the northern Norwegian snowboard scene of the 90s, its disappearance and collective comeback 15 years later to the snowboard world, including icons from back in the days such as Roy Olsen, Stian Tapani Gundersen, Stian Skjærvik, Daniel Mikkelsen, Lars Moltzau, Ronny Olsen, Mikael Bones Olsen, Thomas Leirvik, Ove Stene, Johannes Sjøblom, Sigve Fjell, plus appearances by Andreas Ygre Wiig, Danny Larsen, Lance Pitman, Lars Erik Martinsen and many more, coming out in January 2014.

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