Torstein Horgmo on PLANET SPORTS TEAM!

Torstein Horgmo on Planet-Sports!

The Planet-Sports team riders didn’t promise too much at all! After kidding around and complaining about a new secret team rider, who wouldn’t be actually that good of a snowboarder, or being popular among David Benedek, Marco Grils or Eero Ettala, the dudes told us that he would be one of the top 5 riders right now in the game and gave more props out. The secret is finally unveiled and the Planet-Sports snow team is absolute stoked to welcome Torstein Horgmo, who will support the team among David Benedek, Silli Mittermüller, DBK, Ethan Morgan, Xaver Hoffmann, Eero Ettala and more.

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  1. Buddi sagt:

    Torstein is the Tom Penny of Snowboarding !!!


give us your shit.

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