Vivo Headwear – what’s up?

Vivo Headwear - what's up?

The last thing we brought to you about Vivo Headwear, was the news about signing snowboard pro Devun Walsh. But what is a headwear brand doing besides signing snowboard pros? Well, Vivo is going similar ways as other known brands like Neff for example. They want to be known among the vibe, which surrenders our action sports. This features not only art, but also music and in general creative people or pro athletes of other action sports. We stumbled upon these few here and as you can see, Vivo is not going that big to hook up with Snoop or other major celebs yet (Neff did btw..), but looks forward to be on the urban side, supporting this way yet-rather-unknown people, who definitely got skills on whatever they do, weither it is music, skateboarding or whatever. Here’s a small cutout of a couple of these people, who appear too gnarly as to ignore. ENJOY.

Matt Brevner

Spencer Hamilton

Paul Trep

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