X-Games expands to a global action sports franchise

ESPN - X-Games expands to a global action sports franchise

Munich applies for host in 2012

ESPN, the leading action sports content provider and creator of the X Games, announced a significant milestone in its long-term plans to expand the X Games on a global basis. Beginning in 2013, ESPN will produce six world-class X Games events around the world – two in the U.S. and four outside. ESPN is putting significant resources and focus behind this push for international expansion and will bring the most prestigious action sports competition to cities and fans around the world.

Conducting a formal bid process to determine the three new X Games host cities, which will join the current events in L.A., Aspen and Tignes (France – where ESPN is partnered with Canal+), cities will be selected in 2012 for a three-year agreement and will work with the sports giant to produce the events.

\\ Munich is in

Among others, also Munich applied to be host of the new Global Summer X Games for three years. The Bavarian capital would definitely be then, the European capital of action sports.

This application is for us of big importance. When you look at the speed, the X Games succeeded to become THE action sportsOlympiapark Munich - X-Games expands to a global action sports franchise competition worldwide and which power this event has got, it’s out of question that we want to bring them to the Olympiapark in Munich. We provide in every single aspect, the perfect environment for an event like this, with these dimensions and quality„, says Olympiapark-Chief Ralph Huber about the application.

It’s not only the numbers, what make the X Games so interesting. The X Games are the perfect matching sports event of the present and future, which focuses on a young target group, with its own way of presenting and executing the events, Huber continues. „Munich’s ace against other cities is the Olympiapark. The experience and location of other major events in the past, is something what just a few other cities may have. Furthermore it’s the fact that especially in the last years, Munich hosted already major sport events like the (Nike 6.0) Air & Style in the Olympiapark, or the Red Bull Crashed Ice event at the Coubertin square and proofed to be not only for classy – but also for action sports, a perfect environment and has got the perfect matching audience for this.

\\ what does this mean?

A total of 130 hours of live TV coverage across the six X Games events on ESPN networks in the U.S. and around the world will be X-Games expands to a global action sports franchisesupplemented by coverage on digital platforms, including a year-round action sports website. The top priority of the X Games will continue to be to spotlight the world’s best action sports athletes in BMX, Skateboard, Moto X, and Rally Car Racing at the X Games; and Skiing, Snowboard and Snowmobile at the Winter X Games. Each X Games event will take on its own distinguishing character that will set it apart from the others, including the introduction of new sports and cultural elements based on the locations themselves. In addition, the X Games will continue to showcase and celebrate action sports competition while also highlighting the artistic and social elements inherent in the action sports lifestyle.

We are incredibly excited to take the X Games to the next level,” said Scott Guglielmino, senior vice president, programming and Global X Games. “While we have produced events under the X Games banner outside the U.S. for many years, these four new X Games events will be of the same size and stature as the L.A. and Aspen events.”

Pro skateboarder and living legend Tony Hawk, an integral part of the X Games as an iconic athlete and TV analyst, said, “It has been incredible to see the X Games grow from its relatively underground inception in 1995, to a thriving global competition circuit today. Our sports have benefited greatly from the positive exposure over the years, and I am proud to have watched it all evolve since the beginning.”

Since the X Games began in 1995, the franchise has evolved into a recognized, global brand as the event has grown and expanded its reach into consumer products, theatrical releases. Over the past decade, the X Games and Winter X Games have enjoyed increased attendance as well as coverage and ratings/usage on TV and other ESPN platforms. The most recent X Games and Winter X Games each set attendance records, pushing all-time attendance to more than 2Mio spectators.

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