2011 Frontline Rail Jam

2011 Frontline Rail Jam

It’s time again for the anualy Frontline Rail Jam. The gnarly jib contest, which takes place in Stockholm, Sweden has is famous for being one of the illest and hardest jib contests in Europe, where all the big names attend. This year’s edition goes down on 1st of October, so if you think you can mess with the current jib elite and are around 5 grant short you may want to show up there and bring it on. Qualify starts at 14h, finals at 16h and a sick after party is of course set up already at Berns from 22h on. The complete event will be broadcasted live via Methodmag and FLSNOW. Riders, who already confirmed are so far the Helgason bros (ISL), Gulli Gudmundsson (ISL), Marc Swoboda (AUI), Fredu Sirvio (FIN), Aaron Bittner (USA), Mike Casanova (USA), Mark Sollors (CAN) and Wojtek Pawlusiak (POL) and there are more to come..

For more info check the event page!

2010 Fronline Rail Jam recap

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