The 2011 Nixon Jibfest Powder & Rails Special: episode 1

The 2011 Nixon Jibfest Powder & Rails Special: episode 1

Yeaaaaaah. The Nixon Jibfest webisode kicked off! We told you about this year’s Nixon Jibfest a couple of weeks ago and that there won’t be a real full length film about this year’s infamous anti-contest, but rad webisode instead. Here goes episode #1 and it is so dope that you might want to kick your girl out, if she’s in the same room with you.

For three episodes, The 2011 Nixon JibFest will be the focus of’s snow series Powder & Rails. Premiering today, the first installment of the show will take a look back at the history of jibbing and specifically Nixon’s JibFest, which began in 2000 at the urging of jib pioneers and Nixon team riders JP Walker, Jeremy Jones and Dave Downing.

After an eight-year hiatus The Nixon JibFest resurfaced at Northstar, Tahoe during the spring of 2011 and Powder & Rails was on-hand to capture it all. Watch as Powder & Rails jumps back to the early 90’s and talks to some of the riders who began the jibbing revolution. Some sick snowboarding history, yeah! This installment of Nixon’s JibFest brings together three generations of snowboarders who have all influenced each other on the biggest custom courses that have ever been built.

Keep in touch for episode two and three on your fav snowboarding webzine soon!

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