The 2011 Nixon Jibfest Powder & Rails Special: FINAL episode 3

Episodes one and two took a look back at the pioneers who lead the charge in the early days of the jibbing revolution and how it has progressed from then until present day. Original Nixon snow team riders and JibFest creators JP Walker, Jeremy Jones and Dave Downing play host to three generations of snowboarders who have all influenced each other as they ride, jib and get radical on the biggest custom courses the JibFest has ever witnessed. Here goes the final and third episode of the infamous anti-contest. This last episode is filled with more action than the previous ones and we don’t mean the old folks. Just check it out and enjoy. We’re still sad though, that there won’t be a full film like the first one back then, but on the other side you got to be honest. It is the perfect way and fitting to our time. Back then webisodes and internet were on a complete different level and who would actually buy that movie, besides us people, who have seen the old classy one? Enjoy this final edit!

Not seen episode #1, or #2?

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