2012 Late Dec – 2013 Recap

2012 Late Dec - 2013 Recap

So, here we are back again after that 2 weeks break from the usual online snowboarding. In between our pretty stressy and long relocation to Dortmund City there was Christmas, which we spent abroad and the annual overrated New Year’s Eve Hype. Snowboarding though, didn’t take a break as we did, so we thought to recapture you here a little bit what you might have missed in case you were as busy as we were in these past weeks and couldn’t get to see shit of the snowboarding circus. Happy 2013 people! ShredOn . . .

p.s. : ..be aware of the fact that you’ll read now all relevant stuff, excepting some of the news that we might posted though before going into our break, or the exclusive content, featuring other media platforms. Besides that, most of the news written down here are automatically linked to the respective videos. ENJOY.


Starting with the news side, our Bulgarian friends of the Ninja Squad, who are involved into the Stinky Socks brand, released a pretty cool lookbook for 2013 and threw out a short edit for it, but also just put up an introducing edit of one of their riders that you should have on radar, named Georgy Mihaylov. As the Opening edits started getting less in this new 12/13 season, first early local events kicked off, including for example the Bald E-Gal Cup for all Midwest headz, or also in mid December the 2012 Dirksen Derby at Mt. Bachelor. Over here in Europe on the other side, one outstanding park in Austria opened its gates to the public, what we all were looking forward to. In beautiful Montafon, you won’t be chasing just powder from now on when going there, since they have now the unique Nike Snowpark, which was inaugurated by a nice Stairset Battle and that we all know from last year’s Chosen Session Final Event (even though it’s not completely the same park). By the same time an until now pretty small, but core snowboard brand from Germany named Amplid Snowboards, presented their new 12/13 team, after you could already read the news that Justin Norman and Dash Kamp got on their ship earlier already. Heikki Sorsa is well up again after blowing his knee out last season while filming with longtime homie Eero Ettala for their Cooking with Gas web series and stoked on being the latest addition to the 3CS Outerwear family. 3CS isn’t much known over here, since these guys come from Down Under, but are stepping it up year by year non-stop (we brought you their When in Whistler series in 11/12, which is shot by Jeremy Richardson of Olliepop Films). Another cool move is the change among the Yu-Go First crew, which has decided to go a bit more international and got new heads on their crew, of which you could already get some sweet foretaste on some Dachstein shreds not long ago. Fact is, that for that, they changed their name from Yu-Go […] to YOUGOFIRST. Halifax UK goofy ripper Andy Nudds won’t be having cold fingers anymore, since he signed with Transform Gloves. A complete different sort of news, is the fact that the Flying Tomato a.k.a. Shaun White, thought it would be cool to share his overwhelming hair cut experience with you, just that barely a person noticed as we were all more focused on following the new start of the season and deal with real snowboarders (guess there won’t be a Shampoo Commercial coming out now ..damn it). Real Snowboarders like heavy hitter and pipe steezer Kazu Kokubo for example. The Japanese contest machine with his fame for going big on pretty much everything, left Burton for the Seattle based core company Capita and is as happy as hell to join one of the sickest teams, snowboarding has to offer right now (including “only” Dan Brisse, Scott Stevens, Dustin Craven, Phil Jaques, Laura Hadar, Jesse Kimura, Cale Zima, Andrew Burns, Brandon Cocard and Mike Rav). Another rider whose career got influenced by decisions taken at the big B, is Forum rider and young gun Austen Sweetin. Austen is one of the hardest ripping and promising riders out there right now and will be from now on riding the skate-influenced NOW Bindings and is the next young blood addition to this constantly growing and young team, after Frank April signed with them in early December 2012. A different hot fuzz that we just read is about Kevin Backström, who just knocked himself out and broke his ankle while filming for “Beyond Medals” in Oslo last week, so hopefully we will see the Swedish ripper up again soon, get well dude! By the way: Be aware of the official and global launch of the yet infamous Spot Digger app (available for Android devices and iPhone), that got finally out now and is fully available so that you can check out rad snow/ skate spots near you and share them. Finishing off the regular news feed here, before going on with the events is coming from the cinematographic side of snowboarding. In summer 2012 back last year, we’ve heard of this film-docu project by Burn Energy Drink, that is supposed to document the entire story of snowboarding, by interviewing its people that helped pushing it to the point where we got now and giving an insight how things really started, developed and look like until today. We Ride – The Story of Snowboarding will be having its world premiere in Innsbruck on January 31st. Without wanting to come up again with old hatings etc. but it still feels pretty weird that an Energy Drink company especially is in charge of a documentary of that kind. The teaser though looks pretty rad to be honest and we’re looking forward to see it!


On the contest side there is also a bunch of news that will bring up some surprises for you. One of them is the Air & Style Company around Andrew Hourmont, who decided to go more global than economical crisis do today and will be premiering the first ever Air & Style event that is going down in Latin America, in Mexico-City to be more precise. What started 20 years ago in Innsbruck with barely 5’000 spectators can look back now at 20 seasons of the probably most prestigious snowboard competition out there, packed with rough parties and hard hangovers the day after and hopefully more events in the future. Considering the current situation over there, we seriously couldn’t tell if it is still going down really with all the gun riots that are happening in Mexico-City right now, but unless the organizers stick to their plan we will be enjoying another rad 5 Star ranked competition on May 24th/25th in this year soon. Another event that counted to the regular and strong competition circus out there with its 5 Stars, is the annual Burn River Jump in Livigno, Italy. What was supposed to go down in late February usually, won’t be happening this year. In mid December we received the news, that „ […] due to unforeseen issues around the current event location, Performer and longtime event sponsor Burn Energy Drink have decided to cancel the Burn River Jump 2013. This will allow time to rethink the event format and whereabouts, for a stronger future event.“


Continuing with normal crew feed & edits, it is not a secret that with the new season, your shredit hunger is ON in these days if you’re not riding like it will concern plenty of people here unfortunately. The crews of course already started filming like crazy and we noticed a couple of posses, that are back to the online game here, after not having seen them releasing footage or hearing a word of them in quite a time, so we give you a quick and close insight there too. First of all there is one French crew that we got to know last year in Grenoble at the Snowboard Garden Festival. The Almo Filmscrew had a hell of a season last year and produced their first sponsored snowboard movie called Mille Bornes, following the crew on their sick bus-tour throughout the country and getting pies like you haven’t seen in any cartoon before (you’ll get it when you watch the film..). French Snowboarding is unfortunately incredibly underrated as we see it and the Almo crew is one good example for that. Enjoy solid and also entertaining snowboarding from our Euroland fellas next door and watch that Mille Bornes film in full length and for free! Another crew, which we are pumped on to see more edits soon hopefully, is the RK1 crew from Norway. The guys released a gnarly edit, ripping things up at Breckenridge including Ståle Sandbech, Len Jørgensen, Alek Østreng and Torgeir Bergrem with Torstein Horgmo, Ulrik Badertscher and Taka. WATCH! A safe indication that things started rolling in snowboarding is when the ThirtyTwo team starts loading up their infamous Spot Check edits, that are usually packed with hammers and more hammers as you know, so check out Dylan Alito and Brandon Hobush who were up at Stevens Pass in Washington to get some. Last one (Hobush) did enjoy this new season start more than anybody else after having signed with Nitro Snowboards for Christmas right away. Congrats! Another update but from a completely different territory is the Hate Hard posse from Lithuania, that are stoked to welcome young 16-year old Dimi Shubin from Belarus, who will be filming with the crew all year long! The Cats of Anarchy continued their Heavy Quitters edits, with which they’ve started this season and that are as rad as the first one they popped out a while ago. Another crew which we are hyped on is the Make Friends Or Die collective who went on checking out the first laps of the season and dropped another new edit riding Hyland with Evan Lundberg, Justin Fronius, Travis Peterson, Jonas Michilot , Jake O.E., Andy Latterner, Stephen Paulson, Tommy Gesme and Danimals. Hangin’ Screws from Germany enjoyed some good times at our holy World Snowboard Day on December 30th and were at the Grasgehren Snowpark to celebrate it. The Super Exclusive Gentlemen Club of Snowboarding a.k.a. SEGCOS also released already some edits, sending it at Trollhaugen and will keep on feeding our shredit hunger strongly we hope. The Buck 90 crew is also back on your online video platforms and loaded up a new snow-edit after a long time (and also after putting up their 10 minute skate montage called The Ham Squad Movie, watch here) and were pulling off some nice laps with Jeff Deforge, Stefan Kuhsel, Ben Wachowiak, Steve Lauder and Ryan McCoy in the A51 Park at Keystone. Bringing you new footage from Vermont, the Carinthia Snowparks released their C Sessions 3.5 edit and showcase once again how incredibly well shaped their parks are. The BLV/NTHNG crew and its filmer Lukas Lerperger released a new edit too, including David Struber, Gerald Fuchs, Florian Galler, Florian Pötzl & Simon Reichel at the Blue Tomato Kingspark at Hochkoenig and of which we’re looking forward to see more footage like that until the guys will release a yet untitled full length snowboard flick in fall 2013 this year. The 686 Team loaded up the next and 3rd episode of their Team Trip to Austria, where the guys from overseas met up with their local team buddies as for example Sebi Geiger or Marco “Fitchl” Feichtner, to ride beautiful Montafon pow pow.


Going on with real web series content we start with one sort of snowboarding in particular, that is fighting back in these last two years to get a bit more of attention of you people, with all these jib edits nowadays rocking the web. Our Backyard by K2 Snowboards released their 4th and final webisode, finishing off this massive pow series, that features the K2 riders hitting pillow lines and more rad fluffy stuff at Mt. Baker. A hell of a lineup and tons of powder is what Open Range by Lemur Media has got for you, who followed Mark Carter and his star cast consisting of Travis Rice, Brian Iguchi, Sammy Luebke, Mads Johnson, Jamie Lynn and Alex Yoder, after their first two episodes to Japan and AK to get some of that white gold. Russell Winfield and Byrdseye Productions threw out the final webisode of the great American Craftsman interview series featuring snowboarding legend Jamie Lynn, which is simply speaking OFF THE HOOK and clearly a must-watch for those ones who enjoy real core-ass snowboard content. The Québec friends collective that stands behind the Déjà Vu film project from Canada, kicked off a series throughout Network A (like every 2nd snowboarding or action sports web series seems to do nowadays..), that will keep you updated on this highly awaited movie project on a monthly basis, so watch here the very first episode including Frank April, Ben Bolicq, Alex Cantin, Phil Jacques, Will Lavigne, LNP, Louif Paradis and Nic Sauve getting their first laps in Keystone, Colorado. The latest video project coming from Rome Snowboards, is the monthly based short flick series called Rome’s 12 Months Project, of which you’re able to enjoy now the second short film of December at TWS. From our friends from next door in the Flatlands, we got super pumped on a (finally!) real feature by filmer Tim Schiphorst and his Postland Theory, showing you one Dutch indoor rail kid, which is lil’ 13-year old Max De Vries on his own Dome-E-Nation edit! Protest Boardwear just launched a new edit series called From Here to There, following their team riders on some journeys and overall giving you a deeper insight of their personal life’s, where they come from and how things roll there concerning snowboarding, of which you can watch already the first 2 of them including Miikka Hast (check out his skills in Xavier De Le Rue’s White Noise movie here ::: NUTS!) and Jonas Hagström. Another brand new web series is the Rawlais series, that features riders from Timebomb, Déjà Vue, Nowamean and locals / friends, sending it in the park of Le Relais resort and local Quebecois street spots of course., of which you can watch already the 1st episode right here. The guys over at our Freestyle Snowboard Mekka in Laax, also released their latest episode of the infamous Crap Show. Last series in line here would be then Marco Grilc’s Grilosode, that he was shooting together last year with up and coming filmer Lukas Stanovnik -now its Mark Pirc and premiered the 1st episode of this year with this remix of Grilo’s 2012 season edit. We didn’t remember Red Bull was back in season one on board and ah, yeah: What happened with Lukas?

To finish off this recap we get to the full length films, that got out during these past few weeks, so check out that short list below and enjoy! WE’RE BACK AGAIN NOW!


Dorfkind Videos – Viva La Grab (Germany)

1Season4Reasons – Our Roots (Finland)

True Color Films – Day by Day Chapter #3: North America ( Austrian / Swiss)

True Color Films – Day by Day Chapter #4: Splitboarding ( Austrian / Swiss)

Piupau – UUS Film (Estonia)

Lip Productions – Snowporning (Czech Republic)

Almo – Milles Bournes (France) (+ Making Of: Intro)

Goldmoon 4000 (France)

Ilusive Snowwear – explORe Vol. 2 (local Colorado clothing brand short film)

Hate Hard – Tough Kids (Lithuania)

Jib Kung Do (JKD) 2012 (Spain)

Friends Productions – Fuck Winter (Spain)

Oi Productions – OiVideo 3 (Finland)

Provincial Films 2012 (Russia)

Airblaster – Singlecork (5 part-based promotional film by Airblaster)

Cats of Anarchy – Family Style (U.S.A.)

Bozwreck 3000

Wojtek Targosz – Grow Up Productions Live Young (Poland)

Riley Erickson – Here Goes Nothing (U.S.A.)

Bone Zone 2012 (U.S.A.)

sane! – Sane City (Swiss)

NuuLife – AWOL (Canada)

FootyFIEND – Lost Boys Halfway to Hell (Canada)

Tikut 2012 (Finland)


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