2012 Vans Wängl Tängl

2012 Vans Wängl Tängl

The sickest season end’s event by snowboarders for snowboarders is back. On this year’s 10th anniversary edition everyone is up to enjoy once again some rad days in Mayrhofen, Austria filled with cool snowboarding, miniramp skateboarding, music, art and lots of party of course. 10 years speak for themselves and have definitely proofed that this overall mixture of subculture and action sports works just fine for everyone. The special thing this year is, that the Vängl Tängl which used to be an pure invitational, is giving this year up to 30 teams the chance to qualify for one of the three spots in the main event! Get ready for the most fun crew battle event snowboarding has to offer from March 17 – 24.

\\ Tängl Teams Main Event

In the main main event it is up to the 16 crews to kick each other out on an hard knockout system, followed by a 2nd Chance Round in the Supersized Vans Penken Park with the infamous Red Bull end section, which features unique and Ästhetiker designed park obstacles by Steve Gruber and Wolle Nyvelt, where the crews have to bring on creativity and tech skills at once. Three riders on each team, three features and too many options to proof the crew’s skills on creativity and coordination too of course, considering that the three riders ride at once. In the end the best crew of the main event will win a nice € 15’000 (approx. U$D 20’000) prize purse.

\\ Skate

As the Wängl Tängl grew, Skateboard and Snowboard followed their own path, but were still linked strongly durign the event, either by the competition format (crew battle) or by the judging system (style more important than performance etc…). Head-to-Head system and again an open qualification before, to give six teams a spot among the 16 teams on the main event, to battle for the € 10’000 (approx. U$D 13’000).

\\ Music

As we said before ..it’s the mixture of all sides of subcultures, which make the Wängl Tängl what it is. Several music acts by groups and DJs throughout the entire week will see the absolute highlight on March 22 and 23. as Hip Hop East Coast legends M.O.P  , Snowgoons, Roots Manuva and the Alternative Metal band Seether will give us the honor.

\\ Art

The Vans Looking Sideways crew is a bunch of artists, who got their real sources in our action sports and of which ten of them are invited to exhibit their work consisting of paintings, sculptures, board graphics and photography. Blaise Rosenthal, Mark „Fos“ Foster, Will Barras, French,  or Corey Smith (check out our interview with Corey we did last year ago right here) are some of the already confirmed artists. Don’t miss that.

\\ Travel

Holiday Packages are available for all sorts of stances. Weither you want to stay just a few days or more, all including accommodation, lift ticket and party ticket, starting at € 215,- for three days and ending at € 399,- for the whole week.

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