Belharra Big Wave Session

Belharra BIg Wave Session 1 | photo by: Oleff Ruiz

The Atlantic coast was on fire this week, due to a huge swell coming from the North, insuring tow-in sessions to European surfers.

Belharra is an outer reef wave in the French Basque Country, surfed for the first time a few years before. A unique access by boat or jet ski, takes the surfers along the 3km, which separate the wave from the actual coast. All the Big waves surfers were in, waiting for the big swell to come. Around 10 surf teams attended this session, including riders like Peio Lizarazu, Jérôme Sayoun, Max Larretche,  Éric Rebière or Benjamin “Sancho“ Sanchis.

Some of the biggest waves will be nominated for the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Award 2011. Bill Sharp, (head of such), approved already two or three waves, which have been around 10m big. So again, we will see another season, with European surfers competing for the biggest waves and the ride of the year.

Obviously having to deal with nasty winds and a bumpy spot in Belharra, the conditions were not perfect at all and so was the session. The swell has dropped very quickly after few hours already, but even though it has been for sure, one of the nicest tow-in sessions in France for this year.

| Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards 2011 |


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