German Pipe Opening at Nebelhorn!

Nicola Thost | German Pipe Opening

We reported already a couple of weeks ago (read article here), about the great success WE ALL did on the Pipe Aid initiative via certain social plattforms and of course thanks to the pleasuremag, Red Bull and the Nebelhornbahn AG. Germany has got finally its pipe back after five long years!

The superpipe is 900 meters long, 17m large and 5m high and is so perfectly able to host big events and competitions in future. Olympia winner Nicola Thost did the opening run and was like everybody else super happy to have a pipe back. Besides the responsibles, mutliple spectators and AMs, David Benedek, Ethan Morgan, Markus Keller, Christph Weber-Thoresen and David Speiser joined the Pipe Opening at the Nebelhorn in Oberstdorf too. The pipe is a good way to push German talents in the long run and give them a perfect infrastructure to improve their riding. On the 26th of March this year, the German Halfpipe Championship will be taken place at the Nebelhorn and hopefully, push young riders to join the walls there in future too, so that halfpipe snowboarding comes back! See here the official video of the Pipe Opening and come up there for a nice shred.

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