Givin „One“ premiere tour

Givin "One" premiere tour

The first time is always something special. So it is for the Givin crew, which is about to release their first snowboard flick, named „One“. The teaser looked quite cool so far and the line up also speaks for itself: Keegan Valaika, Luke Mitrani, Benny Urban, Shayne Pospisil, Chris Bradshaw, Alex Stathis, Frederik Kalbermatten, Wyatt Stasinos, Mikkel Bang, Brendan Keenan, Nick Russel, Kyle Clancy, Charles Ried, Cody Rosenthal, Mason Aguirre, Doran Laybourn, Ethan Deiss, Jonas Michilot, Kazuhiro Kokubo, Nicolas Müller and the Frends Crew. Ain’t that sick?!

Givin’s „One“ premiere dates:

21st of September \\ Boulder, Colorado (USA)

22nd of September \\ Burlington, Vermont (USA)

23rd of September \\ Munich (Germany) presented by pleasure snowboard magazine

23rd of September \\ Queenstown (Australia)

24th of September \\ Melbourne (Australi)

30th of September \\ Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)

1st of October \\ Aspen, Colorado (USA)

1st of October \\ Minneapolis, Minnestora (USA)

7th of October \\ Seattle, Washington (USA)

8th of October \\ Eugene, Oregon (USA)

11th of October \\ Spokane, Washington (USA)

14th of October \\ Windells Snowboard Academy (USA)

15th of October \\ Reno, Nevada (USA)

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