Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails 2012 Triple Power

Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails 2012 Triple Power

Since there have been many different sources on-side on that bad-ass weekend at the 2012 Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails, we decided to wait a bit until the best footage got out. Here you got three cool recaps by ThirtyTwo, High Cascade and that other mag, showing you what went down at Bear Mountain and how much rail jams have changed in this short time. Frontflips!

2012 Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails results:

1st place: Jonah Owen
2nd place: Jaeger Bailey
3rd place: Ian Sams
1st place woman’s: Desiree Meloncon

\\ ThirtyTwo recap

\\ HCSC recap

\\ the other recap

| HDHR |

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