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The ISPO in Munich, Germany is one of the most exciting days during the season. Almost everybody from snowboarding and lots of people in general from action sports is there, showing each other next season’s products and meet and greet. Of course after each day, there is party all over the Bavarian town, all the trade people get wasted and hang over again on the next day: Sun glasses on and trying to make it another one of total 4 days of excitement all day and night long and hard mornings afterwards.

The ISPO tradeshow ended just a few hours ago. Well, for us ..the people down in Munich will probably still be partying the rest out of it, being all together. Friends, managers, riders, designers, quite probably the most people from the scene. Before everyone starts in the next days going into details, we wanted to give you a little preview of what you might expect reading about in the next two days. Thanks to the guys from MBM, we are able to show you some short vids from every single day of the show. We just say: It will be quite interesting, regarding over the next seasons, how the market will develop., especially because there are every year more and more small brands focusing on one product line and so being really good at it, giving competition quite a hard time. Check the clips out down here and follow the rest of them (day 1 – day 4) on the links!

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