Nicolas Müller wins X Games Real Snow Backcountry

Nicolas Müller wins X Games Real Snow Backcountry - winnersSwiss pro legend Nicolas Müller won the X Games Gold for this year’s  inaugural Real Snow Backcountry contest. The riders had to produce a 90 second clip, shot exclusively in the backcountry. Nicolas edit featured a soundtrack by Trevor „Trouble“ Andrew and also included his first ever Double Cork. Close to Nico, also Euro shredder and Pirate ripper Gigi Rüf made it into a very close round, throwing down a BS 9 Japan and both backside and frontside Double Cork 10s, but in the end couldn’t beat Nico. Rounding off that podium, Finnish rider Jussi Oksanen could convince al the fans on the web and won the first place in the Fan’s Favorite category, for which the fans could vote on three different rounds on the website, in which each round included multiple direct battles between two riders each. To rewatch all edits go to the Real Snow website.

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