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Peetu Pirroinen (FIN | 93,97) simply killed it and won this season’s third edition of the Air & Style with a big Cab 12 Mute and Frontblunt 270 out. 2nd place did Seppe Smits (BEL | 91,6) with a Cab 1440 and Frontboard Pretzel out. Halldor Helgason (ISL | 3rd | 77,6) did the most creative trick of the event and sticked a Double BS Rodeo 10 Japan and Nils Arvidsson (SWE | 4th | 37) a Frontside 12 Double Shifty.

In the first heat, Werni (Stock) could beat Peter König with his third run (Double Cork 10), after having bailed on his two earlier runs. Iouri „iPod“ (SUI) did lose against Ethan Morgan (GER), where he got kicked out in the end by Seppe Smits (BEL). Another really good heat later on was Halldor vs. Werni, who slammed badly with his head on the downrail. Sebs Toutant (CAN) did surprisingly not make it into the super final and lost against Nils Arvidsson (SWE).

Peetu Pirroinen won the final -again- on his last run, breaking the huge suspense with his final run: Perfect Cab 12 Mute and Frontblunt 270 out. Look at the first (short) edit of the Air & Style Highlights right here.

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1. Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) 93,97
2. Seppe Smits (BEL) 91,6
3. Halldor Helgason (ISL) 77,6
4. Nils Arvidsson (SWE) 37

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