Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle Tour | THE FINAL

Podium Stairset Battle (C) Nike 6.0 Air & Style Munich 2011


Mike Casanoca (USA | 89,33) made the first place at an incredible jib contest tonight! The contest was based on the typical jam session format (40 min.), which was followed by the final (20 min.) with a lineup of the best jibmasters in the world! Eiki Helgason (ISL), Keegan Valaika (USA), Forest Bailey (USA), Wojtek Pawlusiak (POL) and Jamie Nichols (GBR) are just a few of the competitors, Mike had to deal with. The jibkid for what he is known, did in his final run a super clean Cab 270 Hardway Frontboard with a style, that was definitely worth for the 1st place! 2nd place did young gun Jamie Nicholls (GBR | 84, 33) and 3rd Forest Bailey (USA | 82,67).

not been the last time!

Never before has there been a 2nd snowboard event on the Air & Style, besides the main big air competition and looking back on tonight, the organizers can be frankly proud and say: Hell yeah, it worked! The event was a complete succes. The spectators as well, as the riders were super stoked and everybody lived a show, like really just a few times seen before. Due to that, and the awesome location of the Olympic Stadium in Munich, it should be probable to see a similar event like that, next year. Time will tell… . After four years not having had the Air & Style in Munich and after such a big success, thanks to a true and capable sports sponsor as Nike 6.0, we really are excited to see what will happen with this TTR 6 Star event in future!


1. Mike Casanova (USA) 89,33

2. Jamie Nicholls (GBR) 84,33

3. Forest Bailey (USA) 82,67

4. Wojtek Pawlusiak (POL) 75,67

5. Keegan Valaika (USA) 73

6. Eiki Elgason (ISL) 68,33

7. Daniel Rajcsanyi (GER) 68

8. Boris Bühler (SUI) 15

source: pleasuremag

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