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This weekend the 9th and last stop of the Nike 6.0 Stair-Set Battle Tour (TTR 2 Star), stood a little bit in the shadow of the Billabong Air & Style in Innsbruck, which took place on last Saturday. Anyways, this stop really had it! You definitely noticed, that it was the last, of total 9 stops of this jib contest tour, which went through entire Europe. Being now the last chance to qualify for the big super finale next week in Munich (TTR 3 Star) at the Air & Style, you could see that the riders jibbed their guts out of everything to get the last ticket. Locals and more riders from Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia, came to show their skills on the famous Stairset in front of 400 people. The contest took place at the Blue Tomato Snowpark and was set up for a sweet night session, which give the whole event a different atmosphere. Isenseven gave their part as well on sponsoring the event too and bringing Simon „Esel“ („Donkey„) Schellhorn as speaker and entertainer of the event. 50-50s to Frontflip out, 270 ons, BS 360 to 50-50, Hardway 270s and One Footed Boardslide stepp-off where some of the tricks the riders showed to win the prizing money of 2’000€.

In the end it was Chris Boehnke (GER) from Leipzig who took the last ticket home, to be at next week’s super finale in Munich and who convinced with huge Cab 360s and an agressive style. 2nd place did local Dominik Wagner (AUT) and 3rd place was made by Gerald Fuchs (AUT).

Results STB Stop #9 | Stuhleck, Austria

1. Chris Boehnke – GER
2. Dominik Wagner – AUT
3. Gerald Fuchs – AUT
4. David Struber – AUT
5. Rudi Janda – AUT
6. David Conka – CZE
7. Marvin Salmina – AUT
8. Manuel Linomoser – AUT
9. Roman Röth – SVK
10. Seppi Ischepp – AUT

On next Saturday, February 12th it is up to Chris Boehnke and other eight jibmasters, who won the respective stops before, to mess with the pros on the super finale in the Olympic Stadium in Munich, before the Air & Style. Even though riders as Mike Casanova, Eiki Helgason, or Nick Visconti won’t give away anything for free, we can aspect some big jib action and an exciting competition, especially after having seen the high level of the past 9 stops of the Battle Tour. Make sure to stay tuned here for further info and don’t miss any part of the upcoming events!

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