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Nixon Surf Challenge Invitational | Opener

Nixon is up for a change. This year‘s Surf Challenge Invitational will be quite special, because of its location. After having been in San Sebastián, Spain, for the last nine years, the Nixon surf team proposed to do something different and new for the 10th anniversary of the event. Norway. The Invitational will take place on Lofoten Islands. Warm heat, for freezing cold? That is quite hard, but also quite challenging. The surfers might think twice about going into the water: Lofoten Islands is that far north, that it belongs already to the Arctic Circle! Benjamin Sanchis, Eric Rebiere and Frederic Robin, came up with the idea to do something new for this year‘s event and so the idea of Norway was born. Eric Rebière surfed there once already and was absolutely stoked by it, he says. The 10th anniversary is quite a reason to do something special like that, we think and are excited to see this year‘s Nixon Surf Challenge in Norway! The event will still though keep its original concept anyway and will be on, from April 1st till 3rd 2011 and is sponsored by Vans and Excel.

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