Peddie Files world premiere

Peddie Files world premiere

Peter Line and Eddie Wall have been up this season, on shooting their own film project, which is called „The Peddie Files“. Teaser season is (finally) unofficially over, even though there are a few late ones coming out these days and Eddie and Peter are proud to present their baby. On Friday, October 14th at 20h, at the Vestal Headquarters, the two classy shreds invite you to join them on their world premiere and party until the break of dawn, after watching the movie. Good vibes are provided by Jared Swilley of the Black Lips. See you there.

more dates:

Friday- Oct, 14 –             Peddie Files Premier, Costa Mesa,CA, @ VESTAL WATCH INC

Saturday – Oct 15-          Peddie Files Special Ed DVD release in Active Ride Shops

Monday- Oct, 17 –           Peddie Files Web Release,

Wednesday- Oct, 19 –    Peddie Files Web Release,

Friday- Oct, 21 –               Peddie Files Premier, Seattle WA

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