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Red Bull Nightshift

| with Jordy Smith everything is different |

Red Bull brought flood lights, jet skis, and DJ sets into the mix in Cape Town, South Africa. Surf fans poured to the beach to catch Jordy Smith taking a flight in the shorebreaks on an event, which is quite different than usual ones in surfing. Srufers, who get towed-in by a jetski, taking so advantage of the waves to jump and perform tricks, which are in normal case quite too difficult to peform. Fans were excited and enjoying the event all day long , seeing the riders jumping small and shorebreaks. A big crowd, that would be expected on most ASP events watched the pros, such as Jordy Smith (SA), Craig Anderson (AUS), or Damien Fahrenfort (CTN) getting rip at 1-foot closeouts. Jet ski assistance did a great job during the event, so that the crew could launch airs and supermans and everybody had a wonderful time, enjoying surfing all day long untill late night.

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