Looking Sideways x Endeavor Snowboards x Vans Collabo

Looking Sideways x Endeavor Snowboards x Vans Collabo

Earlier this year in March, we could experience once again the radness of one steezy annual event, sorry we wanted to say contestival ..known as the WÄngl TÄngl (that will be off next year, ..read on here) in Mayrhofen. As part of this outstanding mixture between urban art, snowboarding, skateboarding and music ..one of the projects during this years Wängl Tängl art exhibition by Looking Sideways artists, was the eye-wall that got done during the event and for which you people could send in your shots via Facebook, to make it on this steezy looking artsy wall of looks. What wasn’t told back then really, is what the guys made of it and how or what really the people could win back then. The whole idea came from artist Owen Tozer and hooked up with Endeavor Snowboards and Vans to throw out a super limited range of Endeavor boards, of which the topsheets feature part of that eye mural, that got worked over once again after the exhibition closed as you can see in the vid, to make it look even more artsy than it already is. This is the edit of it. Nice work guys.

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