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While the Quiksilver Pro is still „on hold“, the first analysis have been made on the speed checks, which are a new improvement to the surf sport. With Jamie Tout from VX Sports (company who provides the GPS devices for the surfers), speeds and techniques are discussed on the first results. The speed is between 31 and 39 Km/h, which is quite impressive. Fastest surfer was Mick Fanning (AUS) and by not even doing an actual turn, what is normally when the surfers get the most speed. Kelly Slater (USA) did 32 Km/h, but according to Tout the benchmark is about 45 Km/h, when the swell is bigger. So there is still some space to improve. Interesting should be also the fact, how brands react to that new improvement for competitions, concerning to the actual production of surf boards in future. But this is of course depending on the success behind that new improvement and how popular it really will get in future.

Hopefully we will have better luck with the conditions for the event during these days, so that it can continue. Don’t miss it and watch it live through our webcast here.

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