Treeline x Red Bull 2013 WinchDirWas Mainz

Treeline x Red Bull 2013 WinchDirWas Mainz

The German Treeline shop and Red Bull are about to kick off the 2013 WinchDirWas (German word game saying Wish/WinchYourselfSomething) tour stop, which will be part of the 2013 local Stijl festival in Mainz, Germany (near Frankfurt). Over 60 riders can subscribe and will look forward to ripp it in front of the main train station in Mainz at the „Altes Postlager“ with the good ol‘ Grinch-Winch to enjoy some good urban snowboarding and have some fun to win the „Trick of the Day“ on January 26th and 27th. Be there or or be square . .

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