weekly recap #2

weekly recap #2

So here we are again. One week later and tons of news happened. Meanwhile the Elhardts, Clarks and Whites are celebrating their new titles and slashing deep powder lines probably on this World Snowboard Day, we are hangovering from a few Christmas parties we had here and take the time to get this weekly recap #2 done. Next step would than be to write the wish list for Santa, so that we get some of that pow for Christmas. Same like Mathieu Crepel. “I want powder and sick booters for X-Mas…„. As he wouldn’t have enjoyed the past season shooting all year long in North America with the Standard dudes for their TB20 film, in which he got a dope ass ender part. More action by Mat you can have here on this 6th TB20 episode, killing it on three backcountry jumps. A different rider who also enjoyed recently the snow , but like nobody else did probably, is Kevin Pearce! In the weeks before you could see Scotty Lago or

Forum 'The Streets'

Forum's 'The Streets'

Danny Davis talking about that day, going up with Kev and four days ago, they finally did together with more friends and family, Jake Burton and tons of fans. Kevin slammed pretty bad in 2009 while training in the pipe for the Olympics and suffered a traumatic brain injury from it. This badass is an outstanding example to prove everyone that it is important to stand up again and work hard on rehab ‘n stuff. Kevin wasn’t even sure to walk again and under these circumstances he obviously is more than happy and stoked about being back on snow again. We are happy for Kev and wish him all the best.

The Snowpark Guide has also some news and changes for you. The website is gone for good now, since you social nerds are spending more time on Facebook than hell don’t know, the guys decided to turn the site down and focus on their fanpage appearance and it looks good! The fanpage includes some rad features like a custom newsfeed to filter the news by the parks, their likes or features for example. Nowamean Productions has dropped their Snowjob movie, which features riding by Fred Lacroix, Frank Caddy, Dillon Ojo, Nic Marcoux, Phil Tardif, Antoine Soucy, Gab Bélanger, Russell Beardsley, Oli Ricard, Hugo Morasse, Chris Collard, Jake OE, Louif Paradis, Alex BB, Cody Beiersdorf, Max Verville, Axel Théorêt, Anto Chamberland and Émile Veilleux. Watch Émile’s, Jake OE/ Louif Paradis, or Fred Lacroix’s part on their Vimeo for free to get a foretaste of their shred.

Forum cares about you and is aware of all the security guards and cops who tell you to fuck off, after having worked your asses off on new cool urban spots.

The White Home Collection

The White Home Collection

 The Streets is a park concept for Seven Springs in PA, which is inspired by urban snowboarding, bringing the streets to the mountain basically and having all features designed by Nico Sauve and Pat Moore themselves.  The Yu-Go guys have dropped their second out of five edits, featuring some cool Dachstein shredding and their Eastern Euro ripper, Vid Barić who reps Croatia damn good! While some snowboarders snowboard really, others are more up being busy on the biz. The shampoo commercial is still waiting, but of course he’s got more than that. Shaun White is bringing out the Target’s Home Collection, which features accessories for your bedroom, or house entrance and more things you can decorate your crib with and spend money like a fool on it. The Pirates are on their latest log #8 back in Cooke City, Montana to ride some pow with Kalle Ohlson, Chris Sörman and even Gerome ‘Coin Coin’ Mathieu and Victor Teymurov are in.

Contests have also been on, on this weekend all over the globe. As part of the Dew Tour, the Nike Open went down where Kelly Clark and Shaun White cleared it all up in the pipe, next to Louie Vito, Iouri ‘iPod’ Podlatchikov and Gretchen Bleiler.

Since a few days there is a sick edit going around the net, you might have watched already. 21-year old UK ripper Billy Morgan is on this one here throwing down solid back to back double lines like crazy and to round this thing off and end it right,

The new Snowpark Guide

The new Snowpark Guide

well ..watch it and you’ll see it. Stuttgart went nuts on this weekend, hosting the 2nd edition of the Relentless BIGAIR presented by Quiksilver. Elias Elhardt was the man on that night and did win in front of 5’000 spectators this new TTR 5 star event and took back home the 50

grant prize money. FS 9 Melon and 270 FS BBoardslide put him first on the podium, followed by Roope Tonteri (FIN – 2nd ), Victor de Le Rue (FRA – 3rd) and Niklas Mattson (SWE – 4th).  Jussi Oksanen, Scotty Arnold and Kevin Backstrom are doing the new 4th episode of Sunday in the Park, which you should watch right now to end this World Snowboard Day right and we’re outta here right now as you notice – we’re in a hurry.

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