weekly recap #3

weekly recap 3

..well, well, well ..look who’s there. A lil’ bit late this time, hu?

Yeah we know, but Christmas is just like every year again an absolute massacre concerning eating, ..eating, eating and once again – eating. Then there’s all these parties you don’t want to miss and the consequent hangovers you’ve got to deal with afterwards. So, here we are ..still f***ed up but there ..again. Allright ..less bullshit, more snowboarding. Let’s get this 3rd weekly recap rolling. ENJOY.


FUCK F.I.S. ..cunts

Our friends over from rockOn Snowboarding threw out a rad Twilight edit. Say what? Wessel Van Lierop, Michael Miethig  and Dani Rajcsanyi put their edit for Nike’s Chosen contest, on a vampire scenario and scream FUCK F.I.S. loud. Cool and creative edit and of course rail skills best served metal-hard -watch here. The Yu-Go crew introduced on another edit their badass rider Žiga Rakovec. Switch or regular, Žiga is the man. Him and the rest of the posse spent also some time at Rogla to warm up for the season on this tube feature with Vid Barić, Ana Rumiha, Nejc Pucko, Aljoša Krivec, Rene Gallo, Mitja Kodrič and Andrej Marinčić and don’t give much a damn to shred the guts out of one obstacle all day long. Torstein surprised all of with an all new round of the infamous GOIYF, getting challenged this time by free-skier / frie repper Jossi Wells. Enjoy watching over 5 min. one of the coolest battles of Torstein, definitely! For all of you who are looking forward meeting Torstein in the chair lift line to challenge him for a round …well, die trying. But seriously, perfect app which encourages to roll the dice and battle with your shred buds on some S-K-A-T-E-like games is the Snow Dice app. We introduced it already once it got launched. The news? It’s finally also available for Android users!

For all you young guns under 18, who are dying to get some contest feeling, check out the 2012 Hotzone.TV Groms Open at the Vans Penken Park in Mayrhofen, Austria and try to get some of the 1 grant prizing money and who knows where your career might be going
next. Then you also might be able to do awesome pow trips, like Julia Baumgartner, Ben Kilner, Mone Monsberger, Ben Thomas Javid, Janne Lipsanen, Isaac Verges, Sebi Schmitz, Julian Fürsinger, Chris Schaidreiter, Alicia Bonneaud, Martin Zarfl, Julien Falco, Alex Walch and Berni Winter for the the K2 Euro team, who checked out Mühlbach/Hochkönig in Austria and sprayed and slashed everything down there during these days. Nixon introduced their Spur watch: If you ladies like Gold style like JP in his Resistance part back then, this should be yours probably. 3-hand day and date Japanese quartz movement, 100 meters waterproofed stainless steel and a diamond, go between € 260 – 290 in rose gold, silver, matte black, matte gunmetal, black, white as well.

Nixon's 'The Spur'

"chin, chin" ..'The Spur'

If you’re € 290 short, you should go to this season’s 2012 O’Neill Evolution (on January 2 – 7) and steal some of the 150 grant prizing money and the watch shouldn’t be an issue any more. You just would need to make it through all rounds against all the big names 2012 O'Neill Evolutionof course, like the first ones dropping here now, who already confirmed their attendance and are safe!: Tom Klocker, Ville Uotila, Ethan Morgan, Mikkel Bang, Gjermund Braaten, Ståle Sandbech, Christian Haller, Marko Grilc, Sven Thorgren, Niklas Mattsson, Nils Arvidsson, Tyler Flanagan, Werni Stock, Seb Toutant, Peetu Piiroinen, Seppe Smits, Sage Kotsenburg and more to come. No wonder about this mass, is it also the lineup, which has changed and gotten extended from 50 up to 75 rider spots. The halfpipe ain’t going to happen this year because of lacky snow conditions but also a
new quali way, how to get into finals and everything what you can read at the Evolution’s website. We mentioned the guys of Nowamean already in the last weekly recap for their Snowjob movie parts. Now they’ve dropped Anto Chamberland’s part, which
is pretty nuts. Anto already proofed his skills in this year’s Brother’s Factory movie Tabarnac. If that ain’t enough just check back on this older post, in which we featured his 64 (!!) insane trick edit. To finish this weekly recap right, we got as last news the guys from Rip Curl in the house. After having dropped five rad edits of their Gum Movie, the fellas thought we suffered enough and released the whole thing to watch for free, so get started now!

This one here is definitely our last weekly recap for this year, so if you got the pow around you, be damned but enjoy it before going to hell and for those who don’t -like us poor bitches- try to make the best of it and party the shit out of the place you’ll be at, in any case. We’ll do for sure and see you in 2012 again ..what sounds actually much cooler than next week.


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