3FWB – Trailer

3FWB - Trailer

This one here is a bit culture crossing but still fits. Benno Postert, Matze Reif and Maximilian Meisberger aren’t only 3 regular friends, but also 3 individual action sports enthusiasts covering skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding along the three. Maximilian Meisberger, who has been seen lately in La Famiglia’s 2012 project The Book (watch here in full length), will be travelling with his 2 homies through Europe to chase the shred and there from comes the original idea behind this project:

3FWB - Trailer Header

People have to adapt themselves to the respective season, so do snowboarders, surfers and skaters. 3 weeks travelling with 3 boards in their luggage. Starting things off in February at Arlberg, continuing over Italy to the North coast line of Spain. Stephan Günther (German skater) or Paul Grey (German surfer) who lives in Portugal, will visit them on their trip. 3 friends, 3 weeks, 3 boards and everything captured and brought to you in the end in a 15 min. short travel flick that will be released in June this year. 

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