adidas Snowboarding – „Welcome: Jake Blauvelt“

adidas Snowboarding - "Welcome: Jake Blauvelt"

So here it is.The first out of 6 webisodes of adidas Snowboarding’s „Welcome“ series, that started today featuring backcountry cannon Jake Blauvelt. In this case we could already talk short films, since it is 15min. long, but comes up with much more personal content and old ’n new footy, telling the story of how Jake got into Snowboarding and how he made it until where he is now. Enjoy a damn good and brand new web series, that that really makes a solid and interesting impression on us. Check back for the next webisode to drop on Monday, September 23rd featuring Forest Bailey.

With the start of the new series, adidas also put up their new website, on which you’ll be able to also finally check out their new products, so go over there and check’em out.

..for some more info on adidas Snowbarding  go here.

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