Air & Style Season Highlights 2010/11

Air & Style Season Highlights 2010/2011

Oh my god, what a season that was for the Air & Style! A total amount of three (!!) events we could enjoy this season. Starting with the Oakley Air & Style presented by Shaun White in Beijing (China), which was also the very first one to leave Europe. Sebastien Toutant took the title home with a final Cab Double Cork 1260 Melon Grab here. The Billabong Air & Style in Innsbruck (Austria), was a bomb. Again a Canadian rider and again a Cab Double Cork 12 by Mark McMorris, decided this contest. Final stop and special moment, was the last one in Germany. After having been several years without an Air & Style event in Munich, Nike 6.0 brought it back and the crowd was getting nuts. TTR World Tour winner 2010/2011 Peetu Piiroinen, was all about to win and conquered with Cab 12 Mute and Frontblunt 270 out, the last event. Watch th recapture of all three events here.

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