Alex Tank x SkateDeluxe Snow Team

Alex Tank x SkateDeluxe Snow Team

Head rider and Atagge repper Alex Tank is one of the German stand outs in Snowboarding, especially when looking at the amount of time the 25-year old is already shredding at this level and the sick parts he can look back at. The guys over at SkateDeluxe had him already spot, but how do you chase a Tank? ..bribing him with the rest of the army he belongs to. In this case that army consists of: Benny Urban, Flo Achenrainer, Flo Corzelius, Lukas Lengle a.k.a. Klaus Lotto, Tobi Hartmuth, Raffi Kossmann and Andy Giesser. Nuff said. Once he heard that, the Tank was in. Lock and loaded!

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Alex Tank x SkateDeluxe Snow Team