Amplid welcomes Dash Kamp

Amplid welcomes Dash Kamp

Now Snowboarding Homie and Boreal local Dash Kamp doesn’t stop and had an incredible season last year, which also featured some rad higlights on the competition circus in Slopestyle, including TTR and Dew Tour events. The guys over at the German brand of Amplid followed the up coming young gun and took him under their wing now, to join their Pro Cartel Team. Dash is blown away by these news and totally stoked about it for sure, as he will also join more 5 and 6 TTR Star competitions of the World Snowboard Tour, so that we will see him definitely in Innsbruck for the 20th anniversary of the Billabong Air & Style, but also the BEOs, US Open and the returning Arctic Challenge will be one of his main targets to attack the contest scene in this season.

Besides that, Dash will also be involved in Amplid’s R&D projects with founder Peter Bauer, who’s impressed and totally confident with Dash’s know how and board feel. “Dash’s sixth sense for board feel will be an inspiring influence on Amplid shreds” Bauer said. Furthermore Dash will be filming with Toy Soldier Prodctions, but if you want to see some of his skills now, check out the welcome edit below, head over to Boreal resort or check out his moves in the current Skeleton flick Media Offline (watch teaser here).

Dash rides for: Amplid, Smith, Saga Outerwear, Jiberish Clothing, Union, Boreal/Woodward, Good Enough and the 7B Boardshop.

Seen on Image courtesy of Amplid.

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