Antti Autti with own film!


Terje Haakonsen was the first, to come up with his own snowboard film. Recently we have seen a few more: Gigi Rüf with “9191“ orAntti Autti | own film Jeremy Jones with “Deeper“. Another snowboarder, who is quite a long time now in the game and can look back pretty proud on his career so far, is Antti Autti. After ten years of travelling, contests and  events, the Finish pro wants to go his way and chase some powder and get more in touch with nature and untouched spots. Having fun with friends on cool sessions, is what he wants now.

After the contest-circuit I’ve been through, I’m really looking forward to filming powder as much I can. I know I’ve got a lot to learn but now I’m more focused on snowboarding than ever before: this is what I want to do!

Antiout, will be dropped as a free download on Antti’s website and features locations as Europe, USA, Japan and Scandinavia.

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