Bardonecchia Snowpark – Parktimes Vol. 3

Bardonecchia Snowpark - Parktimes Vol. 3

What the fuck …seriously if we’re following one bunch in particular with great enthusiasm it’s our Garbagers from Milan in Italy. The progression on trick level, confidence while throwing out their tricks and overall style is uncomparable from what we saw in their Believers flick (watch here in full length) and what these guys throw out now. Enjoy another bad ass Parktimes installment from their homebase at Bardonecchia Snowpark as usual and get pumped on the Garbage Gang and friends including Devid De Palma, Nicolo‘ Pezzato, Federico Iovanovich, Elena Graglia, Andrea Strazzu, Matteo Tuberosa, Dawid, Gurbowich, Achille Mauri, Luca Fiorini and Tato Chiala. Tutto a posto?

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