Barf Bags – A2M teaser

Barf Bags – A2M teaser

The Barf Bags, is quite an unknown snowboard crew from Iceland. Being from there, the support from the infamous Lobster alliance is quite self-explaining, but no matter what you people want to hate now about this fact, these dudes definitely seem to have some solid riding to offer. Urban nature of course. The teaser got a bit short and we almost broke our tongue on these dudes names, but when reading closely some of you might expect some other pros‘ younger brothers to be involved in this flick, which will be dropping in September this year. Enjoy.

Featured riders: Sölvi B. Helgason, Matthías Arnarson, Ísak Kristinn Har∂arson, Gunnar Vi∂aar Gunnarsson, Sindri Steinarsson, Svavar Jensen and Hákon Traustason.

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